NORMAL IS OVER THE MOVIE: Offering SOLUTIONS to reverse global decline.

This Award-winning documentary about humanity’s wisest response to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality and the link between all these issues.

…”An unusual, visually rich portrait of some of the
world’s brightest and most innovative ideas.”- Daily Maverick

… “We need a major mobilization.” – Al Gore, Former Vice President USA

Now is YOUR chance to Bring NORMAL IS OVER to your Community or Theatre and join us in an inspiring conversation about the various solutions to reverse global decline.

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• It takes about five minutes and costs nothing to sign up – simply choose your community Centre, or Theater, date and time!
• It’s a unique opportunity to bring a special, hope-offering film event to your community and experience it with them.
• Turn your screening into a fundraiser
• Or consider having a discussion or Q&A after the film with your community or a skype conversation with filmmaker, and investigative journalist Renée Scheltema

Theatrical–On-Demand is a crowd-sourced community and theatrical distribution model , where audiences pre-reserve movie tickets.
If a minimum number of tickets are reserved, the screening happens. If the minimum is not met, the screening disappears and nobody is charged.
It is an easy risk-free way to bring an important film like Normal is Over to your community.

We are in the process of causing irreversible damage to our home, ourselves and all other life-forms, and need to change our ways!

Questions about Theatrical on Demand or hosting a screening of Normal Is Over? INFO(AT)NORMALISOVERTHEMOVIE.COM