NORMAL IS OVER THE MOVIE, THE NEW UPDATED VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE WEBSITE . (English version only- ..for now..) New translations to follow soon.

This award-winning documentary is connecting the dots: A look at the financial and economical paradigm underlying our planetary problems, while offering various SOLUTIONS to reverse the path of global decline.

Stop Biodiversity loss, or we could face our own extinction: According to the United Nations, the world has 2 more years to secure a deal for nature to halt a “silent killer” as dangerous as Climate Change, says the United Nations Biodiversity chief. The huge global Biodiversity losses represent a crisis equalling and quite possibly surpassing climate change, according to the Guardian

We created ecocide under the relentless pressure of an outdated profit based economic system. We need to become aware that we are nature, and that we have to stop converting “free” natural resources into money. Our 200 year old economic system needs a make-over!

#NormalisOver is about humanity’s wisest responses to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality, and the connection between these issues.

A big thanks to our partners who donated to our Foundation, and helped me create the new version this year. It took some extra time as I had to film new experts; raise funds; and then.. my laptop broke, so I had to master a whole new editing system:)

The 8 translations, created by awesome volunteers from all over the world, still need to be adjusted. We plan to create an educational version; a series; a new film and more.

We will still be looking for your support to spread the word on a global scale

Once Normal is Over flies, we will update you about my research into a sequel documentary.

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