My Documentaries

Normal Is Over An award-winning documentary looking for SOLUTIONS to climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the connection between all these issues.
Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What An Award-Winning feature Documentary about the science behind psychic experiences, like Telepathy, Healing, Precognition, Clairvoyance & Psychokinesis…
Hush An award winning 52 min. portrait of avant-garde visual artist Tracy Payne in Cape Town, who is portrayed while coming to terms with recent memories of childhood sexual trauma. #metoo
Canvas ExtremePart 1 1st of a 7 part. series looking at contemporary artists throughout South Africa. Randy Harzenberg, Tracy Payne and Steven Hobbs
Canvas Extreme Part 2

  • Andrew Putter
  • Minette Vari
  • Moshekwa Langa
  • Steven Cohen
Canvas ExtremePart 3

  • Peet Pienaar
  • Tracy Rose
  • Mark Coetzee
  • Samsung Mudzunga
  • Lisa Brice
 Canvas Extreme Part 4

  • Randy Harzenberg
  • Noria Mabasa
  • Kendell Geers
  • Freddy Ramabulane
  • Strijdom van de Merwe
Canvas Extreme Part 5

  • Willem Boshoff
  • Philip Ricotzo
  • Brigit Baker
  • Sandile Zulu
  • Leora Farber
Canvas Extreme Part 6

  • Bernie Searle
  • Kay Hassan
  • CJ Morkel
Canvas Extreme Part 7

  • Pat Mautloa
  • Krans
  • Hentie van der Merwe
  • Marsha Du Toit
  • Belinda Blignaut
Seven Days In  Burma Renee makes a direct journey into the past, visiting Rangoon;the countryside of Burma, and medieval Pagan, one of the architectural wonders of Asia. Co-production with UNESCO and UNDP
China After Mao (1980) An underground journey through Communist China, four years after Mao’s death Renée made a secret interview with dissident Li Zhengtian, who played a prominent part in the early democracy movement in China.
The Death Penalty (1984) A Documentary about two men on death row in a high security prison in South Carolina. The Pro’s and Con’s of capital punishment are presented via arguments from the various parties involved
The Bus (2002) Portrait of a young boy from a township who gets to visit the National Botanical Gardens in Cape Town with his class. He is inspired to grow his own veggies, but it’s not as easy as he thought.