Canvas Extreme (7 parts)

SYNOPSIS: A provocative series of portraits of cutting-edge artists throughout the “new” South Africa, 5 years after the end of “apartheid”. For some artists the function of their work is to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and what not. As a result they often produce controversial work, and sometimes their work has a controversial or explicit nature. Travelling between the countryside and big cities, Renee filmed the artists in their local environment, at work and at home, contemplating their motives and the significance of their work in the ‘new’ South Africa. There is no narration, as each artist speaks for him/herself. The series is with: Piet Pienaar, Noria Mabase, Steven Cohen, Berni Searle, Minette Vari, Zandile Zulu, Willem Boshoff, Kendell Geers, Bridget Baker, Tracy Payne, Randy Harzenberg, Steven Hobbs, Samsung Mudzunga, Mark Coetzee, Minette Vari, Andrew Putter, Moshekwa Langa, Tracy Rose, Philip Ricotzo, Sandile Zulu, Leora Farber, Pat Mautloa, Isolde Krans, Hentie van der Merwe, Marsha Du Toit, Belinda Blignaut, Kay Hassan, CJ Morkel Watch film here: